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Myrna L Selzler
Lifelong entrepreneur sharing tips on — and insights into — leadership development.

Heed the Rule of 72 when proposing big changes

I hate it when I don’t follow my advice. My own really, really good advice.

I was about to make a big announcement, an announcement that would change everyone’s life, and I ignored that advice.

In my consulting practice, I recommend the Rule of 72. As a leader, when a big change is being proposed, as much as you can, give people time to think about it.

  • The second 24 hours, they start coming around to it.
  • By the third 24 hours, to make up 72 hours, they…

Changing Your Perspective From ‘If Only’ To ‘What If’

Have you wondered what your life would be like if you lived with a What If philosophy?

Would you belt it out with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, windows wide open, or would you look back with more than a few regrets because you lived with an If Only philosophy?

I wonder:

  • What if I could create a community where people build connections and share their strengths and uniqueness?
  • What if I could make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning one side?

As a first-year university student, one of the first articles…

5 Qualities That Great Leaders Share

1. They know themselves — they know and understand their behaviours and motivators.

Socrates said, “First, know thyself.”

The first step in unraveling any challenge in the workplace is to understand yourself. Once you truly understand yourself, you can better understand others and, ultimately, learn how to work well with them.

Tools such as the DISC assessment can help you get to know yourself — how and why you do things, and get to know others — how and why they do things. A valuable tool for becoming a great leader.

As Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy…

Look for greatness in others and you might find something more important: friendship

Photo by Ronaldo Santos on Unsplash

Friendship can keep you warm on the coldest day.

The cold, spring wind congealed the cheese in his poutine and blew the dipping sauce for my yam fries off the table and across the gravel patio.

Our glutes froze to the concrete picnic tables outside the fast-food restaurant. Two of the three concrete seats were broken, so we sat beside each other.

We meet once or twice a month for lunch. I tease him that we should arm wrestle for the bill, but, usually, we take turns.

As a leader, I instinctively look for greatness, and, in this case, resilience…

This rhythm lies in the open spaces. That is where flow happens, where growth happens, where life happens.

Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

We are standing at her front door. I am saying goodbye to my friend who is waiting for back surgery.

She is leaning on the door pillar, trying to stand erect. The cool, winter breeze moves around her.

Our conversation was about cosmic 2x4s — you know, the experiences life throws at us when we are not paying attention to what is good for us.

The first cosmic 2x4 was the suicidal pain from a pinched nerve in my neck. The surgery to fix it did not slow me down one iota. …

When the storm of indecision clouds your mind…

Photo by Dimitris Pallas on Unsplash

My head snaps like a flag in the wind as indecisions storm in my mind.

  • “Is this the right thing to say or is that?”
  • “What should I do with my life/have for dinner?”

Indecision can sit heavy, like a coming thunderstorm, on our hearts and minds.

As I contemplated Indecision this past week, I got to thinking that it does not exist — Indecision is fear in heavy cloud cover.

There is an interesting coaching question I use, and have had used on me. …

Getting over the fear to go on the road less traveled


The clatter of the dice rolling across the Monopoly board fills me with exhilaration.

I loved playing Monopoly — rolling the dice for opportunity, collecting groups of two or three coloured cards, strategizing, negotiating with my siblings, collecting “huge sums” of rent, owning the board.

And to make it even more profound, when I was 10, I saw my first real estate sign while in the big city. My initials, MLS, were on that sign. I inhaled the beginnings of a dream.

When I was 24, I thought it would be interesting if my first sales job was selling commercial…

From clumsy to proficient

The world presents a different perspective when you are face down in a snow bank.

The lesson? Well, take a lesson when you want to learn something new.

I did. Last week, I took a cross-country ski lesson and got the perspective of an untethered marionette as my arms and legs were flailing in all directions.

It was cold. The skis were long and skinny. No balance for this puppet. The 30-year-old bamboo ski poles from my garage were not an asset.

But the sky was a brilliant blue. The snow was crisp. My body was deliciously warm from all…

Are you leading, or are you micromanaging?

I can feel the tightness in my chest and the blood rushing to my brain. My fingernails leave trails on the desk as I push down the anger boiling up.

I am trying desperately to respond with patience. “If I recall, I said I needed this spreadsheet done today.”

My administrator nods. “You did. You told me what to do, but I didn’t understand what the result needed to be. And without that, your instructions did not make sense.”

My mind flicks back into the Rolodex of conversations. …

Time slows as I adjust my goggles, lean on my poles, and survey creation from a mountaintop.

The awe flooding through me slows time even more as I peer through ice-speckled goggles: azure sky, snow ghosts, sunlight sparkling on fresh powder.

I’m late for a meeting, but I let the feeling wash over me before I cruise the freshly groomed run.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” — Charles Brixton.

It’s January: a new year begins, and I am getting older.

It is a big, beautiful world out there and there…

Myrna L Selzler

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