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Lifelong entrepreneur sharing tips on — and insights into — leadership development.
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“Name two people, living or dead, who are your heroes,” my friend asks us as part of an ice-breaker activity.

I’m puzzled. I don’t have heroes. I pause and wonder why that is. And if I did have heroes, who would they be?

I Google “hero” hoping to get some…

I hate it when I don’t follow my advice. My own really, really good advice.

I was about to make a big announcement, an announcement that would change everyone’s life, and I ignored that advice.

In my consulting practice, I recommend the Rule of 72. As a leader, when a…

Have you wondered what your life would be like if you lived with a What If philosophy?

Would you belt it out with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, windows wide open, or would you look back with more than a few regrets because you lived with an If Only philosophy?

1. They know themselves — they know and understand their behaviours and motivators.

Socrates said, “First, know thyself.”

The first step in unraveling any challenge in the workplace is to understand yourself. …

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Friendship can keep you warm on the coldest day.

The cold, spring wind congealed the cheese in his poutine and blew the dipping sauce for my yam fries off the table and across the gravel patio.

Our glutes froze to the concrete picnic tables outside the fast-food restaurant. …

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We are standing at her front door. I am saying goodbye to my friend who is waiting for back surgery.

She is leaning on the door pillar, trying to stand erect. The cool, winter breeze moves around her.

Our conversation was about cosmic 2x4s — you know, the experiences life…

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My head snaps like a flag in the wind as indecisions storm in my mind.

  • “Should I do this? Or not?”
  • “Is this the right thing to say or is that?”
  • “What should I do with my life/have for dinner?”

Indecision can sit heavy, like a coming thunderstorm, on our…


The clatter of the dice rolling across the Monopoly board fills me with exhilaration.

I loved playing Monopoly — rolling the dice for opportunity, collecting groups of two or three coloured cards, strategizing, negotiating with my siblings, collecting “huge sums” of rent, owning the board.

And to make it even…

Myrna L Selzler

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