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Myrna L Selzler
Lifelong entrepreneur sharing tips on — and insights into — leadership development.

I don’t have heroes, but I think I have something better…

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And the Who is not You

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Heed the Rule of 72 when proposing big changes

  • The first 24 hours, they are likely highly resistant to the idea.
  • The second 24 hours, they start coming around to it.
  • By the third 24 hours, to make up 72 hours, they…

Changing Your Perspective From ‘If Only’ To ‘What If’

  • What if I could build a world-class organization?
  • What if I could create a community where people build connections and share their strengths and uniqueness?
  • What if I could make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning one side?

5 Qualities That Great Leaders Share

Look for greatness in others and you might find something more important: friendship

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This rhythm lies in the open spaces. That is where flow happens, where growth happens, where life happens.

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When the storm of indecision clouds your mind…

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  • “Should I do this? Or not?”
  • “Is this the right thing to say or is that?”
  • “What should I do with my life/have for dinner?”

Getting over the fear to go on the road less traveled


From clumsy to proficient

Myrna L Selzler

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